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Both my 1 and 2 year old sons have just recently earned how to catch temper tantrums hen they cannot have their way. My patience is not as well-rounded as it used to be so it is hard for me not to have a tantrum myself when trying to conduct some order in the house. Any tips on how I can possibly minimize the tantrums as well as working on my not-so-good temper???


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Best thing that worked with my kids at that age was seeing momma have a tantrum of her own! Never had to deal with another, as a matter of fact!

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Hee hee hee! Go ahead and have a tantrum. Do it in public.

I learned this from my very fed-up, yet brave Mom. My little sister used to have tantrums when she couldn't get things she wanted. The cereal aisle of the grocery store was a common tantrum spot.

One day my 3 yr old sis threw herself down and started kicking and screaming and my Mom moved the buggy aside, laid down next to her and started loudly kicking and screaming. I was about 7 and thought the whole thing was hilarious, so I laid down and started doing it, too. We got some funny looks, but it didn't last long. My little sis sat up looked at us and was so embarrassed.

She was so mortified, she never did it again.

I've done this with my own kiddo in a public place. His fit only lasted about 3 seconds.

It won't work with every kid, and you have to be prepared to make a fool of yourself. But sometimes, it's refreshing and useful to have a kid-like tantrum!


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