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JuLeah - posted on 04/11/2011




Depends on why. Is your child having tantrums when over hungery, over tired, needing attention, getting sick? Is your child having tantrums because they are upset and have no language, are they frightened and have no lauguage? Have they simply learned that tantrums get them what they want?
You can't respond unless you understand why. When you understand why, the responce is easy to figure out.


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Donna - posted on 04/11/2011




I agree it depends on why they're having the tantrum. With the exception of him/her being tired or hungry it's best just to ignore the behavior.

I think it also depends on the age of your child. With a younger child there is more a concern with language difficulties. By the time the child is school age any language deficits should be obvious and being worked out. I have a child (who's now 27 yrs old) with autism and I ignored his tantrums even when he got older, knowing that they were because of language difficulties, simply because when they're that upset they're not thinking rationally anyway. Once he calmed down then we could deal with the problem and work on the language. With a younger child a tantrum is a bit more acceptable, but I'd probably still ignore it and talk with them once they are calmer.

Samantha - posted on 04/11/2011




When my son has tantrums I just ignore it UNLESS he starts to hurt himself, me or others. By ignoring the tantrum it shows him that he is not having an effect on me and usually will stop after a couple of minutes. If I give the tantrum attention it feeds it and makes it worse. If he starts to hurt himself (like bang his head on the table) or hurt me (like hit me) then I take him and put him in the play pen for a couple minutes to cool off...almost like a time out. This is what works for me but all kids are different.

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