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Michelle - posted on 03/14/2014




Ignore them. Tantrums are their way of getting attention and they don't care f the attention is positive or negative, they have it.
You make sure they are safe and just walk away. Let them know you will talk to them when they calm down and just walk away.
They soon tire of putting on a performance for no reason and you will find they will be shorter and shorter.
This worked all 3 of mine and I only had to do it a few times and never had a problem again, especially in public.

M - posted on 03/14/2014




Hi Kelly
I took the hard line approach and smacked my toddler because he was banging his head against the floor (the three older children unfortunately encouraged this behaviour by laughing). I had tried all the positive parenting methods first to no avail. So, I smacked him on the top of the thigh and said a stern "no!" I then walked away. Three times I had to do this, now if he goes to bang his head on the floor he looks at me and shakes his head gently from side to side as in "no". I know many moms are against smacking but I feel that a hard smack to the leg is better than brain damage caused by head banging. And it's also better than tantrums which only hurt the child. My toddler is also 17 months old. I love him so much and just had to smack to stop the behaviour. It worked for him.
All the best!

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