Tantrums, Yelling, Screaming, Crying etc.....Im at my wits end :-(

Joanne - posted on 01/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




i feel like im loosing control. my 3 year old little girl - is pushing me to the limits..... Tantrums, screaming, crying, yelling etc you name it shes doing it.. theres no 'trigger' - she can be sweet and chatty one minute - then in seconds change to this unbeleavable screaming machine. ive tried to ignore it, calm her, naughty step. its getting unbearable - ANY ADVICE GREATLY RECEIVED :-(


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Ez - posted on 01/10/2012




My daughter will be 3 next month, and this is exactly where we're at too. She can blow up in the blink of an eye, over the most ridiculous things. I am also having to correct her on how she speaks to me (demanding I do things, not using manners) and this was never an issue before. She threw 2 monumental tantrums the other day (which rarely happens - she usually just whines).

I've tried lots of positive discipline (I don't smack) but the only thing that is working is giving her some space (she usually stomps off to her room) until she calms down. You can't discipline a child in the midst of a tantrum. You can't explain or reason when they're like that. I always wait, and then ask her to tell me what the issue is. She always can, and then I explain that it's fine that she got upset but she needs to handle it differently.

How you approach it will have to depend on what stage your daughter is at I guess. My daughter has excellent verbal skills, so I can have a serious conversation with her about what has happened.

Katherine - posted on 01/10/2012




Are you sure she isn't hungry? Both of my daughter's get inconsolable when they're hungry. At that age they need to eat a lot. Mine eat and eat. Once she calms down I would ask her if she's hungry.
Another thing is that obviously she is frustrated about SOMETHING and is not expressing it well. Try to ask her what is wrong. Again after she calms down. Give her choices too. Either, or.

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