tax issues with my sons father

Valene - posted on 03/30/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a 7 year old with my ex we seperated 6 yrs ago and i have always been the primary parent my ex has always seen him on weekends and not consistently. He has never given me any money for my son through the years and even askimg him to purchase something for my son was asking to much. I have a 10 month old with my boyfriend and towards the wnd of my pregnancy i stopped working and because i was unfamiliar with the prossess of unemployment i didnt recieve unemployment for five months so my boyfriend provided for all of us all year 2014. In December i started receiving child support checks from my ex so just incase he was going to try to claim my son i told him i hopes he wasn't thinking of filing for him because i was his response was "of course im my filing for him why would i you have him all the time i wouldn't do that" so i said ok. Well when my boyfriend files his taxes it showed my son was already claimed i asked my ex and he was hesitant to respond but finally he said he did. We are going to fight it because he is lying and that is just so unfair to my boyfriend who provides my son with everything. Me ex said child support intervened and took it. I know we are in the right and i know we have proof but im not familiar with hiw this process work and if if the law is in my favor because he is his father. I dont know anyone that has had this situation or any knowledge about it. Any info would be nice

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