Teacher abuse. Children treat peers the same way they see teacher respond/act.

Jillene - posted on 03/10/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am the grandmother.

My granddaughter is bi-racial. What does that have to do with anything, you ask?
Jealousy! Jasmine was bullied in 1st and 2nd grade; teacher did not intervene. Teacher would not allow Jasmine to tell her what was going on. She would always tell her, "No tattle telling!"
Now in 3rd grade, Jasmine peers make ugly comments:
1. What are you, a white girl?
2. Other students ask if that's her real hair. Then other students reply, " No that's weave in her hair!"

This is a KCMO Montessori school; Jasmine has had the same teacher for 3 years.
Last week really made me upset!!!
For 3 days in a row, Jasmine had a problem.
( I think Jasmine's nail biting, is from teacher's verbal abuse).
Day 1. Jasmine asked to use the restroom; she was told she could not go because another class was using the restroom.
Day 2. Jasmine waited until she couldn't hold using the restroom; she asked her teacher to go to the restroom. Teacher stated ______ (boy) was using restroom; when the boy came back, a first grade girl asked to go to the restroom. Teacher told her to go ahead. Jasmine spoke up and said that she had asked; Teacher responded that she should be able to wait since she is a 3rd grader!!!! (Montessori schools have 3 grade levels in one class.)

Jasmine said she almost went on herself!
Day 3. Jasmine asked to use the restroom; Teacher asked her, had she completed her quiz. Jasmine asked her teacher could she call her grandmother (her stomach was hurting). Teacher stated for Jasmine to go to the restroom and that if her stomach was still hurting when she got back from restroom, they would call me.
There are a lot of other incidences; not enough time or space to explain.

I requested (called on 3/7/2014) a meeting; teacher has not responded as of yet. I want to know what are the classes scheduled times to use the restroom and get a drink of water. Children are not allowed to talk at lunch time; rarely had recess. ETC.....
Thank you.

Respectfully and Sincerely,

PS. This is a predominantly black school and black teacher. I am a black woman.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 03/10/2014




Since it's only Monday, and you requested a meeting on Friday, the teacher needs to be given more time to respond. A common time frame is within a week of your request.

There are always two sides to every situation. I encourage any adult who feels that their child is having a problem at school to first, and foremost, schedule a meeting with the teacher. At that meeting, in a non-confrontational manner, ask for clarification of the situations that you are concerned about.

If, at that point, the teacher does not give satisfactory answers, involve the school administrators, and so on up the chain.

Jodi - posted on 03/10/2014




I would wait until I could talk to the teacher before reacting. What you have stated does concern me.
The teacher is right, in that your granddaughter is old enough that she should be able to wait to use the rest room, and should be able to control her use of the rest rooms to the break times, but it also isn't fair for her to make her hold it to breaking point. I think you need to talk to your granddaughter about whether she is using the restroom at break times too. If she isn't then maybe teach her that this is what break times are for. This has happened 3 days in a row - it has become a habit. If it were an occasional request, I could understand, but you clearly have a child here who either has little bladder control or is not using the restrooms at the breaks. I have a 9 year old daughter, and she is absolutely capable of controlling when she needs to use a restroom.

When you meet with the teacher, keep this in mind, because that is possibly the perspective she may be coming from.

With regard to the bullying, maybe the teacher is not aware of what is going on. A chat with her may put a stop to this.

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