Teacher calling kids losers/lazy and quitters

Cindy - posted on 03/14/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I recently moved to a new town so I dont know anyone. My kiddo joined an extra curricular and was looking forward to joining for a year! Then came home wanting to quit. I kept encouraging and stating the teacher saw something in kiddo skills and to trust this teacher. Then this teacher yelled at me. They never wanted parents in the back helping out. via a text I asked to stay and help and was given "sure". Right before I was leaving (nothing to help with) a different teacher walked in asking me to go into the choir room (so larger than a classroom) I have a hearing loss, This teacher came though a door in the back and started yelling with the arms going up and down all the way to the front of the room. Iheard loud and clear! The door was open to the allway with kids sitting and standing and walking through. I then heard this teacher start talking to someone who had just walked in the room. The teacher who asked me in there then put a hand on my shoulder and said "I am so sorry, They made me do it, to bring you in here so they could do that". I was huiliated.
Then 1 day later kiddo broke down crying and said "I dont know how much more of the yelling I can take".....it had been said the teacher yelled alot. I know teachers have to resort sometime to yelling to get kids attention. But how unprofessional this teacher was, not walking up to a parent and speaking to them, if that was how the kids were treated???? I emailed asking why the yelling, about my being humiliated, why the unprofessional way they were. I got back that there was no yelliing, not even anger, no one else was in the room, no reason to be embarrassed. only apology was for misreading the text between us about being there.
My spouse was at a sporting event (same day kiddo broke down, 1 day after my being yellled at)and while talking to another parent (who'skiddo graduated about 3 years ago) saying she couldnt stand this teacher, that this teacher would call the kids lazy and losers and yell constantly. My spouse showed her the text I sent telling about our kiddo breaking down and what was said. This other parent said "yes, that sounds just like this teacher, they hold grudges so she waited until her kiddo was out of his class and not in the activity anymore and confronted this teacher. She asked how would you like it if someone said that to your kids? response: no one would call them that because my kids are not losers or lazy"...I dont know if she went above his head. My spouse and I were talking about it and my kiddo heard what this other parent had said about "loser" and said "oh yeah they say that all the time to us. Also told the kids "if you quit then you will be a quitter your entire life".....I dont know what to do next, if this has been going on for this long I dont see how going to the principal or super will do any good. I feel so horrible for pushing my kiddo and saying to trust this teacher. Now something that my kiddo was so excited to do has been taken away.

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