Teacher calls my 5 year old niece a baby!

Mauricia - posted on 10/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My niece is 5 years old and this morning on the way to school she told me that the teacher called her a baby. I asked her why the teacher did that and she told me that during lunch she did not want to finish her soup and bread (she hates the stuff), the teacher then proceeded to start feeding her and called her a baby in front of her friends. She was very upset about this and even cried the previous evening about the incident. My first response was that calling a 5 year old a baby in front of her friends is very demeaning and causes embarrassment to the child. When I confronted the teacher she said that she does it all the time and no one has ever complained before. Am I right in saying that this type of conduct is wrong and that a teacher of 5 year olds should know better than to embarrass the child in front of her peers?


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I would be completely upset if my niece had told me this so I'm on your side. I think its wrong especially if she went home crying about it. I would talk the teacher again if this continues. Tell her she does not like to be called a baby and If she could stop doing that, and if she doesn't I would talk to the principal. Maybe this sounds like I'm going to far with it but if a child is upset or embarrassed and is crying and comes to me with a problem then I would take care of it right away. The teacher is basically calling her names that upset her and being a bully. Just my opinion.

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