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I'm raising my 11yr old grandson, he was disrupting the class and his teacher insisted that he come to the front of class and teach the lesson because he apparently knew it, he got out of his seat walked to the front if the class and stood there listening to his peers(classmates) snicker at the situation. He was almost brought to tears with embarrassment , we spoke about it and he himself said he thought it was kind if like bullying. I want to mention he is very sensitive but a 11yr old boy also. Was the acceptable??? It hapoened a week ago but I'm still fighting with how to handle this??? That day while in the lunchroom was question by one if the students " how did you like teaching class today "he was again embarassed. He came home with a stomach ache and didn't some time in the restroom with diarrhea. Hiw can I get last this? I'm sick about if myself. Please help thanks


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As a teacher myself, I've done what Shawnn has suggested a couple of times (inviting the student to teach the class, to be met with an apology and correction to the behaviour). I don't think forcing the situation is appropriate. However, I would also hesitate to guess this may not be the first time your grandson has been so disruptive that it has made it difficult for the teacher to teach the class. He needs to understand that this was a fairly logical consequence. Ask him how hard it was to teach the class while others in the class were being rude and disruptive, and then link that back to what the teacher is doing when HE is rude and disruptive.

I would suggest you talk to the teacher in a supportive manner, but maybe also mention to her that the other kids are still continuing to give him a hard time and maybe she could help put a stop to that, that your grandson has learned his lesson.


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If he was disrupting the class, the teacher did have the responsibility to stop that, and I've known several to 'invite' disruptive students to present the lesson that they apparently know so well that they feel they can disrupt their classmates. Usually that ends in a "no, ma'am, and I apologize for misbehaving", and the situation is handled.

Speak with your child first. If he's disruptive in class, that is unacceptable behaviour, and needs to be addressed. You do need to be supportive of the teacher in that regard. In a separate conversation with the teacher, you can express your concerns about her methods, and if you feel she is not teaching appropriately, you are welcome to take it up the chain of command from there.

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