teaching a six month old to fall asleep on his own

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Teaching a six month to fall asleep on his ownI have a six month old boy, I have

in the past rocked him to sleep with a soother, not knowing it would cause me trouble down the road. I recently tried the crying it out method, while checking on him every few minutes. I felt very discouraged after he continued to cry for three hours. is this normal for the first few times? Will he eventually fall asleep? How long do i let him cry? I would really love to help him to teach him to fall asleep on his own but i'm feeling discouraged. Any advice, please help.


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Hannah - posted on 06/21/2009




My daughter will be three in october. I have always had her in her own bed, even when she was a newborn....I just let her cry it out...Eventually she figured out that I was not going to get her out of bed. It was really hard for the first couple of weeks that I did this because I hated to see her unhappy. But It has paid off. Now when I put her to bed she stays in bed most of the time and plays with her bear until she falls asleep. Hope this helps.

Jackie - posted on 06/21/2009




I either put them in their crib by themselves with a little music one, when i see them starting to get tired. or my boys loved their jumparoo and would actually sleep in that, so i would just let them fall asleep in it and once they were asleep move them to their crib.

Tashia Ann - posted on 06/21/2009




well i let my to (3yr an a 4month old) take a nap in the liveing room a few days then i stayed in there room with them till thay fell asleep its hard yes thay will cry alot i wont let my kids cry to the point of that catching there breath thing but that wine some just be with him let him know ur rite there an hes safe my 3yr old thinks someone is gonna leave her shes never been left b4 an i dont know where she got it from but its a kid thing.....spend alot of time with him in the room shes gonna be sleeping in, i also got my 4 month old a mobile 4 her bed that has a nitelite she loves it well anyways both my kids now sleep on there own it just took a little time! you can do it.

Helen - posted on 06/21/2009




My advice? Be brutal. It will be horrible for a week or so but just do it, You won't regret it and it really is best done now. It can take a while. I'd check on him at gradually decreasing intervals, not speaking or interacting when I do so, or if this is more than you can do, sit by his cot, sideways on in a place where he can see you with your head down, not interacting unless something really bad happens eg he is sick. It has to be done sometime unless you plan on still doing it when he goes to college! Good luck!

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