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My 5 year old keeps showing his boy parts to other kids. We've been very open, giving him the proper anatomical names for all his parts, explaining that the other boys are the same. We told him he needs to keep his pants on except when in the bath tub or on the potty. He has just gotten more secret about showing himself off now, so we hear it from other moms or their kids.

Anyone else had this problem?


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Dawn - posted on 08/23/2010




Hi there Heather!
One thing I have learnt from my 2 little boys is that they do not change as they get older! Men are just big boys.. they love their willies and they love sitting around in their pants...!?!???
My youngest (3) and his 3 friends often compared willies at nursery and they have stopped doing that now. My eldest (7) did it as well, but also grew out of it... until recently when we were driving home from school (it had been a P.E. day) and he said "mummy, I've got a big willy!" I was so shocked I nearly crashed into the car in front!! The boys also used to have wee fights when they needed to go to the toilet together, at exactly the same time, and have gone through phases of comparing each others willies. I have just been patient, tried to laugh it off and just explained that our bodies are for ourselves only, and for their wives when they get older. No one should touch them in their privates because it is private - hence the name. This seems to have worked, and they are both growing out of it gradually. In my experience, being clear with them about who is allowed to see their bodies e.g. Mummy and Daddy at bath time and the Dr if they are poorly, BUT we should always ask them if it is ok to touch them in their private area if we wish to dry them, or touch them to examine them.
Hope that helps!
all the best

Lyndsay - posted on 08/21/2010




Not yet, but my 3 year old loves to run around the house naked so I'm sure it's coming. We're potty training right now, so its easier if he's in the nude, but when company comes over we have to explain to him that he can't run around naked all the time.

Maybe your son is just curious. Sure, he knows what boys look like... but maybe he wants to investigate what girls have, how its different from his own stuff, etc. It might be time to break out the elementary school health text and show him some pictures, lol

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