teaching my two year old to walk with me


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Marzia - posted on 10/19/2012




hi, thanks ariana!

today was the worst ever. and problem for me is that she totally fights the buggy and can actually slide out of the harness even when i've done it tighter.

today i tried to let her stay down and wait, then i put her on the wrist liks ,which she managed to undo, and eventually i had he actuall harness which she was fighting again.

we were on bus back home : i had quite few bags , so to get off safely it was easier to have her in buggy. she threw a huge tantrum in the bus, sending buggy down and me halfway holding her so she wouldnot fall and holding buggy not to slide around bus! i felt so defeated and angry i coul'd have hit her.

now i feel really down .

the thing is she does not behave like that with childminder.!! or others.

my 5yr old instead was much better and even now she is quite good . i am so puzzeled.

Ariana - posted on 10/19/2012




Do you mean walk beside you without running away?

If that is what you mean you just have to be consistant in what you do. I tend to make my son hold my hand while we are walking, I usually tell him either you hold my hand or you go into the stroller again. If he doesn't hold my hand, he goes into the stroller.

If you want to let him walk beside you tell him he can walk right beside you but if he runs ahead or away he will have to hold your hand or go in the stroller for a bit. If he runs and then refuses to hold your hand put him in the stroller.

I've also been in the situation of not having a stroller and having him trying to run ahead and I said you have to hold my hand now. Of course he threw himself to the ground and tried to get his hand away from mine. If that happens either let him lay on the ground, or hold his hand firmly without letting go. Either he'll hold your hand or throw a fit, but you can't let him walk beside you if he's deciding not to listen.

Just set up ground rules for how he has to act and a consequence for not listening (must sit back in stroller, must hold hand, or won't continue walking until hand is held etc.).

Just be firm and consistant if you do this.

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