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Probably dumb question but I need advice. At what age is a good time to teach a TODDLER/PRESCHOOL to call 911? I know her best but not sure if she really understands how serious this can be. She is 4. Any suggestions and thanks in advance. {:+)


Amber - posted on 05/05/2011




Im a 911 dispatcher and I will tell you that hardest thing to do sometimes is talk to a child in an emergency. However, I am also aware that sometimes that's your only option. If a child is articulate and can explain what the problem is and what is needed, then they should be taught. Every child needs to learn the proper way to call 911. I can't tell you how many "play" calls we get a day. And yes, if your child calls and hangs up or you find them playing on the phone and hang up we will call you back. If we don't get an answer we send an officer to your house. Safety is key!!

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I think that as soon as they know their numbers well and know how to use the phone then they can learn to dial 911, probably around 4 or 5.

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I taught my eldest when she was 3 cos I was pregnant with my last and I wanted her to be able to call an ambulance in case something happened when I was the only adult home.

She was a very good talker and very confident so I knew she could do it.

I made a game of it. We had a real phone that wasn't plugged in so she would practise on that. I would ask her all the questions that she would be asked and she would answer them in a loud, clear voice into the phone. This included putting the phone down, but NOT hanging up so that she could go to the front door to open it to let the ambulance men in.

She loved this game and still remembers it (she's 16 now!) and also remembers being very disappointed that she never got the opportunity to put her skills into action! I have no doubt that she would've done a wonderful job!

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I have Type 1 diabetes so I taught my 14 year old at a fairly young aage that if Mommy won't wake up to call 911.
I think I will start teaching my 19 month old around 4 or 5.

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Yeah, my daughter called 911 when she was like 3. It was that damn show - rescue 911. Apparently you get a call right back.

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Shannintipton - posted on 05/05/2011




@ Amber
That is sooooo helpful. I do have some issues that might warrent a call sometime. Slight chance but still I think its time to teach her. Thanks for your input

Jodi - posted on 05/04/2011




Ours is 000, but my daughter was about 3 when she learned.

Unfortunately, back in the days when we had a wall phone with the push buttons, the "0" is smack bang in the middle of the bottom row on the phone, and when my son was going through his phase of fascination with phones, this is the button he used to press......we had a few problems with toddler calls to 000.

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