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Ginger Ann - posted on 09/20/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My younger sister and I live together with our parents due to health and finances. Up until now I have been responsible and seeing for getting our children to bed on time. During school it was 9 for her then 12 year old. My children went to bed at 9:30 for my then 13 year old and 10 for my then 16 year old. Recently with new school year & age & schedule changes bedtime changed for all to all 9:30 and it seemed to work well. Now my sister has determined that her child's bedtime will now be 10. I have told her if I'm putting them to bed it will be the same and I'm not staying up to make sure hers stays up til 10. My parents seem to for the moment accept and/or agree with her choice and say I'm being controlling and she has the right to tell her child what to do. While I agree she should be responsible for hers, it raises some questions. Which is the better time? And If she isn't responsible , how do I proceed? I have told mine, their bedtime is the same, 9:30. They get up at 6:30 due to school schedule and my older one has multiple extracurricular activities that use his energy. The younger of course being a girl and I've heard girls typically need more rest because of hormones and all that goes with puberty. Hers, I believe is (though she won't have him tested), a little ADHD and has a bed wetting problem. Please advise!

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