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Cayla - posted on 06/07/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My normally boy crazy 15 year old came home after a two night stay over saying she is bi sexual. The girl is apparently a bi sexual. Is this just influence? Is this a phase? How nuts should i be? Is this an attention thing?
This is all new and i love my teen, but i believe in biblical teachings as well as that she has always liked boys and states she still does. She says she can get along easier with girls. I asked her if her dads bad fathering has an influence on this and she said to some degree she thinks it could.
Please help me with this. I love my baby and want what God would have for her.


Raye - posted on 06/08/2015




I wouldn't worry too much about her sexual orientation. You should talk to her about there still being risks of STD's and so forth, even with other girls. So she needs to be careful and not be sexually promiscuous. You could also talk to her about there being many different kinds of love that a person can have for someone; that she can love a friend (male or female) in a non-romantic way, just as a friend; and that a platonic kind of love should not be confused with romantic love (whether for boys or girls).

Also, what do you mean by "her dad's bad fathering"? Just that she gets along better with girls? I don't think that has an influence on sexual orientation. I am straight. I had a jackass of a father. And while I admit that I wouldn't have any moral issues with having sex with another woman, I could never fall in love with another woman, so I never had any romantic relationships with women. So maybe you want to ask her if she feels she could fall in love with, marry, and have a life-long commitment to another woman... if not, then she's straight and she should keep relationships with other girls strictly as friends so no one gets hurt. If she's not sure if she could love/marry another girl, then don't look down on her. Remind her again to be careful about catching diseases and let her figure it out. If she thinks that yes, she could form a life-long bond with a girl, then she really could be bi. But that doesn't mean you should love her any less. You may not agree with her, but you can still be supportive of her and help her make responsible decisions.

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