Teen daughter

Di - posted on 09/03/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I've have to make the hardest decision to send my daughter 15 to her father. She has constantly run away from home, and always been a difficult child. Courtney has constantly blamed everyone else for her mistakes, she wont look at her behaviour. I have allowed her to stay with 2 other families, which have both tried to help her but she disrespects them and has been kicked out on both occasions. I've had her in counseling and to the Drs as I believe she has bipolar like my eldest sister. Nothing seems to help! I'm at my wits end, I love my daughter but I really hate the way she treats people. I dont know ifmI'm doing the right thing. Her father has been doing parenting courses, do I'm hoping that he will be able to help her. The stress that Courtney bought into our house was so intense. She even admitted to trying to make my husband and I fight, to her its funny. Her councilor said that is twisted thinking. I dont know what to do. At the moment she is blaming me for stuffing her life, all I ever wanted was for her to be happy. How many other parents are out there suffering the heart ache of a teen child who is hell bent on distroying herself?

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