teen drinking.

Lina - posted on 09/28/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




What if your 15 year old daughter goes to a party, drinks and smokes marhayuna and says she wanted to drinK and smoke. Do I just never let her out again?


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1) Why did she WANT to do this? Was it truly free choice, or was she peer pressured?
2) What did you do for consequences so far?

Certainly she needs to regain your trust. You will want to set steps in place so that she can do so. Things like supervised outings, no parties, restrictions in both activity and electronic access are good for starters.

However, you also need to have a good, long discussion with her about the consequences (physical & mental) of underage use. Dependence, depression, moving on to 'bigger & better' substances are all a very real concern. If she's being pressured, she'll need tools to handle that pressure, rather than caving to it.

Dove - posted on 09/29/2014




She would certainly be grounded from any unsupervised activities and all privileges in her life would cease to exist for a time. We'd probably be visiting some AA meetings as well, so she could see first hand what CAN happen to someone w/ her current mindset... and I'd probably be making her research and write a report on the dangers of her actions.

Ev - posted on 09/29/2014




You should ground her from going out with her friends again for a while but at the same time you should be sitting down and having a heart to heart with her as well. You need to talk to her about the dangers of drinking alcohol at her age and also using drugs. You need to also tell her that not only is it dangerous but she can become dependant on it or have an addiction to it if she does it long enough. She needs to know its not healthy as well. You need remind her that its against what you and her father want her to do while under your roof and care.


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