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I'm 17 with a 3 month old baby girl.. me and her father are broken up but his family and my family dont like each other his family dont like me and my family doesnt like him. but i love him and he loves me but we couldnt deal with our families always having something to say so we just call it a quits but we've been on somewhat of a good term, he asked me if our daughter can stay a week Monday-Sunday with him every other week but im uncomfortable with her staying away that long without me seeing her i dont mind saturdays and sundays but i dont like the feeling of Monday-Sunday. i need some advice on what to do, ive been crying because i feel like a bad mom and i dont want to but im am also uncomfortable with that idea.. please help.. ps, he is a difficult person to get things across too..


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Mikayla - posted on 10/15/2015




yes we did that to he gets 3 days Friday - Sunday but he chooses to take her Saturday - Sunday because Monday - Friday he has football.

Michelle - posted on 10/15/2015




Even though you have custody, what visitation was he awarded? That should have been set as well.
If it hasn't been then you need to get it sorted ASAP. That will tell you when he can have his daughter. It's not up to you to decide that. He has as much right to look after his daughter as you do.

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First, you need to have custody, support, and visitation orders for this child. Neither of you has any legal say as to who gets to have primary custody, etc, without either mediation and an agreement filed, or a court ordered custody, support and visitation agreement.

This is NOT because he is a bad person. This is to protect ALL of you, in the event that things don't work out.

Now, if you and he DO get along, and DO want to work things out, you both need to present a united front to your families. (one family at a time, of course). Let them know that they can either be supportive of the situation, or you two can go it alone. You're both old enough now to do so, and if you really do love each other, you need to fight for that.

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