Teen Sexuality

Sue Erin - posted on 05/17/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a pretty serious issue right now. My son's (ex) girlfriend's mother is pissed at me because I suggested that we give our children birth control after she ranted that she would force her daughter to abort our grandbaby if she got pregnant over a hickey the girlfriend's mother found. She explained that she told her daughter that the only reason to have sex is to make a baby. Which must be why sex is all over the media these days...hmm--everybody wants more babies! Our children are only 14 and while this is 2 years under the legal age, I know what many teenagers do...whatever feels right at the moment. I know several men who were sexually active with girls their age when they were only 8. I do not condone the sexual activity, but I know that these kids love each other and I know that a kissing leads to hickeys and eventually sex. I just want the kids to not be parents before they are ready and I don't want them to have to give their baby up for adoption if one were to come from us parents being naive and trying to control other people. The whole abortion comment really pissed me off. I do not believe in it unless the pregnancy risks the mother's life or is a result of rape. I believe that if God allows a sperm to fertilize an egg, the child conceived is a gift and meant to further His intentions.
Due to the fact that I was merely on break when this conversation took place, I had to cut it short.
I certainly don't want to see our hopes and dreams for our children shattered because we refused to understand that we are not puppeteers to our children.

Furthermore, our chlldren both desire to wait. While I think that is wonderful, I don't think they meant for their parents to see hickeys.

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