Teen with Severe Active colitis

Amber - posted on 10/28/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter has severe active colitis and has had for the past 9mths. Her maintenance meds for some reason stopped working. The Urologist prescribed her Prednisone in which she was on about 7 years ago for the same problem (thankfully she's only gained 10 out of the 20lbs that she gained when she was 10yrs old) However, she IS dealing with the "Moon Face" and being a teenager that's very hard to deal with when in High School. With the meds not working I've had to make a decision to start her on Remicade Infusions. I've done some research and most kids feel better within the first week however 3 out of 1000 kids can get lymphoma cancer. It has me torn and am heartbroken. She's a very beautiful girl but is dealing with a lot physically and the anxiety hits her bad on the way to school in knowing she has severe gas and has to leave her classes on a daily basis to go to the restroom. Yes she can leave and go to the restroom but when that gassy it's quite embarrassing and she waits til the kids leave so she can relieve herself. She's being a strong as she can but it's breaking my heart and wish I could take it all away for her so she can just be a normal kid.

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