Teenage boy fight and hitting younger brother?

Kate - posted on 10/10/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My Two Boys are 17 and 12 Years old, The big problem is, they fight a lot, and when they fight,they start to hit each other, punch (in the face sometimes), kick, push and wrestle, the younger is a half of his size, but they fight pretty hard sometimes, they stay alone at home part of the day, and that is a big problem
Is just my boys who fight like that ? (althought the big age and size difference)?
How can i stop that?


Krissy - posted on 10/10/2016




I've had that problem with my son and daughter, she's 4 years younger and is normally the one who starts everything.

How did I get it to stop? Mummy manipulation. I'd have a meltdown in front of them, start crying and saying I couldn't handle it anymore, that I loved them both so much but they were breaking my heart, works really well on boys trust me. Then I'd remind my kids they only have 1 mother and that I won't be around forever and once I'm gone they'll only have each other and that instead of fighting they need to look out for one and other.

I'll bet my bottom dollar it's your youngest starting the majority of the fights and I'm putting that down to puberty, hormones make kids little monsters haha if your younger son is barging into his brothers room give your oldest a lock on the back of his door to keep him out, 17 year olds need privacy. It will eventually stop but for now you just need to use those mummy skills and get the upper hand on those 2 boys before they hurt each other.

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