Teenage daughter hell...help me

Brianne - posted on 08/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a young single mother of two children boy age 10 and daughter age 11 (going on 16). Throughout their childhood stages I thought I would be able to relate to my daughters teenage years and struggles but I'm finding that living with her has become an everyday downward spiral into the pits of hell! Everyday is a constant struggle with her and I'm absolutely at my wits end. I find myself laying here at night saying to myself "I just can't do this!" Between staying out past curfew, sneaking around with boys, lying, screaming, crying, sneaking out wearing disgustingly short shorts and skimpy tops, swearing at both me and her brother and treating me as if I am the dumbest person who has ever walked the face of the planet, I just really don't know what to do anymore. I love my daughter to pieces but am finding it extremely difficult to like her at the moment. When I take away privileges she screams in my face and responds with things like "oh no you won't" or "yeah mom, we will see about that" and has even said at times "you're crazy just like your mother was." (I'm almost starting to believe that remark). She often threatens that she will go live with her dad when she doesn't want to follow a rule or is being punished. What are the best ways to deal with this behaviour? How do I help my daughter understand that the friends she chooses to hang around with are manipulative and do nothing but influence her to make poor choices? I'm beginning to feel like there's no such thing as menopause and my crazy ness is all just a product of having a teenage daughter!


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