Teenage daughter long-term breakup

Suz - posted on 06/23/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, My daughter and her boyfriend broke up 3 weeks ago. They are 17 and were together for two and a half years. They were inseparable and over time did lose outside friendships because they were always together. They always laughed together and treated eachother very well and respectfully.She somewhat started the breakup idea because she was going through some stuff and pushed him.away a bit the last few weeks before the breakup. They truly seemed to love one another. He always said they can work through anything and he will never leave and she is the one for him and their future...but this last little argument which she blames herself he finally agreed breaking up and blocked her completely. They spoke a little over texting ...he saying he missed her but they can no longer be in a relationship. She is devastated. I don't know how to help her. He right away reconnected with his old best friend and his old best friends group is all couples and so hes already been set up with a girl in that group and they do all kinds of fun outings all posted on facebook by his friends, not him. HE is cleary after about 10 days dating another girl. His bestfriends girlfriend's friend. I agree that they isolated themselves way too much and didnt do fun outings enough as teenagers should do. They just did movies, walks, bike rides, cooked, played piano together etc...Now he is doing fun outings in this group with this girl hevwas paired off with and has done more outings and adventures then hes done in two years..like concerts, amusement parks, going to the city and she is just devastated that he seems to have moved on so fast. He was so committed for so long. I convinced her to unfriend social media he might be connected to and she is trying to find her own new group but it hasn't happened yet. :( any advice.. Please help. I am just as crushed for her which seems crazy but I sae hoe genuine they both were. Three weeks ago one argumentvled to the final straw where he thought its what she wanted and he accepted it and told her they were done. Over texting not on phone or in person. She believes his reconnecting with his old friend and this new group and girl made him him.forget what they had. She regrets pushing him.away and told him that she loves him with her whole heart and missed him.but will respect his wishes and try to move on. Idk I just want her happy. Ugh time will heal.


Allie - posted on 06/24/2015




There is nothing you can do but be there for her and try to help distract her. After my daughters break up she got with her friends and jumped right out with friends but she still thinks about him and cares for him. It's all a distraction for him. Time will heal her wounds

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