Teenage Daughter problems

Tracey Teoriti - posted on 07/21/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




i have no idea how to begin, ill just start by saying my daughter is 13, shes always been a shy girl at school ive not had any trouble with her all thru primary and intermediate but the moment she started at college things just went terrible wrong.. she shows no respect for me or any of my family, quick to anger and when shes angry she hurts her self or wishes to die... she tells her friends bad stuff about me and that hurts me, i almost lost her thru cyfs cause she rang them and told them i was beating her up...i have no idea what to do any more, her friends think im a monster, i dunno why shes like this... any suggestions plz ive put her into counselling to them shes an angel but to me she just hates me...


Traci - posted on 07/21/2015




sounds like typical mother and daughter drama,, there is always one time in your life as her mother when she will hate you and be embarrassed by you as far as the cutting herself thing she is crying for help.. and you need to be there for her as much as possible even though she pushes you away, because in the end when she finally does outgrow this stage she will look back and realize that her mother is there and has always been there through her hard times., and she may have something going on in her life that she is too embarrassed to talk to you about and that's why she is acting out she is hiding something and its mentally confusing her ands stressing her out,, as for trying to call the dhr folks that is overboard and you may have to step up on that and stop her, let her know that if she gets taking from that house she will be placed in a foster care where they may actually be meanm to her you never know..

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