Teenage daughters acne - A mom's nightmare!!!

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Hi everyone,
I had pretty bad scarring type acne on my back and chest (not much on face) as a teen – starting around 12 yrs of age… (Eventually outgrew it in my early 20’s)…. As a teen I went thru traumatic self-esteem/depression issues because of some comments made by my mom (whom by the way had flawless perfect skin).
My elder daughter who is 16 now, started to breakout on her back/forehead a few months before her first period (around 14 yrs - very light on her forehead). Tried various stuff for her back acne, but no use.
My younger daughter who is now almost 13 – had her first period 6 months ago, has all puberty growth symptoms – breasts, arm/pubic hair, height growth, regular menstruation etc etc….but very very clear skin so far…. No signs of acne at all…

At the time of me struggling with my elder daughter’s acne - my younger daughter got her first periods… this threw me almost into a PTSD condition so much, I ended up with prozac and lorazepam for my anxiety.

Questions –
Is there anything to improve my elder daughter’s back acne?
My younger daughter is already way into puberty without acne….Since acne is puberty related – does my younger daughter has a chance to escape acne or will she too has to go thru it??


Dove - posted on 11/01/2013




Talk to the doctor about prescription strength stuff for the acne. There is no way to know if your other daughter will or will not have acne in the near or far future. Everyone is different.

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