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Ok a friend of mine is 19. She lives with her father and stepmom while she's in college. she has a child of her own and provides everything that she needs. her dad is telling her that she isn't allowed to have a relationship right now. well she has a boyfriend that she's crazy about. is it rightthat her dad is saying that? i know they say my house my rules but is it truly fair to to be that way to her when something serious like marriage could come from it?


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Well. To a point. Parents cannot really forbid a 19 year old from having a relationship--if she wants to have the relationship, she will and there is really nothing that he can do to stop her short of locking her up in a cage. Of course, he CAN refuse to let her live in his house if she continues in the relationship because it is HIS house, not her's, and I think that would be fair. If she wants to have a relationship against her father's wishes, she needs to find her own place to live and support herself. When you are depending on someone else to support you, you have to live by their rules or they won't continue the support.

That said--she's 19, she has a child, and she is not supporting herself--she doesn't need to be in a relationship right now, and if this guy loves her, he'll wait until she is ready. If she wants to be in this relationship right now, she needs to know that the consequences, and she needs to be ready to deal with the consequences of her choices and actions on her own.

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