teenage girl disrespect and mean

Kim - posted on 02/10/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have 3 kids I was a stay at home mom and was not allowed to have a job we were young and it wad a bad controlling relationship with their father to the point of violence I finally got strong enough to leave but the verbal abuse was worse then physical so I always allowed him to bully me when child support came I had to make the family time shared even if it wasn't so he didn't have to pay too much

I have had my kids full time since birth he had 3weekends a mo. Our teen dtr would hate M and rum to him and play that game back to me I told him we need to stay strong as parents so she can not do tho when she doesn't get her way. Then ran away w older boy we have worked through things but now she is pregnant and putting her dads mom in my positions and it is killing me breaks my heart. Then she hated her ate mom because she called her bad names cussed At her so as a mom I put her in her place as far as how u can and can't speak to my kids,,,,,so now Shawnie buddies up and tells me the step mom will be in her delivery room. She says I was never there for her in the past, when I was the only one that was. why do they make us feel like we were never their with 3 kids I was there and everywhere else they needed to be . Crying because if she coupd see all of the abuse I took and tried to keep her from knowing any of it and sneaking our belongings out in small times he wouldn't notice. They don't know about the abuse because I want to protect them from that but they are mad because I left their dad. If they only knew how scary it was and how much I love them and have worked hob after job to provide because he only gave us $100 per mo per kid. So I struggled but on his weekends he took them to fo all kinds of fun things that I could not do :( it was sad but always tried to do fun things even broke but they are it as dads more fun........sad

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