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Connie - posted on 07/08/2015 ( 6 moms have responded )




My teenage daughter is driving me insane! She has absolutely no respect for me or her father. She is constantly breaking the rules. She has done something so terrible I can't even bring myself to tell you all about it (the only person I have told is my sister)! What can I do to help my child? I am desperate. Please HELP!!


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Well, continue to be consistent. If her 'so terrible' deed was illegal, then turn her ass in to the authorities. If it was simply having sex as a teenager...calm down and make sure that she fully understands the consequences of that action. All consequences.
However, I must ask. What age is your teen? Is she 18? If so, that's a whole other ball game, since she is legally an adult at 18.
If she's under 18, handle appropriately with restriction, rescinding of privileges, etc. If she's over 18...check yourself. You may not be able to DO anything but love her and get out of the way.

Candie - posted on 07/09/2015




Teenagers are NOT easy! Does she maybe need to speak with a professional counselor? Sometimes they act out because of something they're struggling with. She may not know how to verbalize what she's dealing with.

Once you've sought out a counselor for her, I'd suggest a book called, Have a New Kid by Friday, by Kevin Leman. He talks to parents and let's us know that teenagers need to have their feelings validated. They also need calm along with consequences for actions. It was extremely helpful to me!

Keep loving her and being there for her - no matter what! Good luck.

~Candie~ with an -IE

Priscille - posted on 07/08/2015




25 years ago, if there was internet then, I think my mom could have posted that exact same message about me!!! :)

If you really want to help her I think it's important that you try to see things from her perspective. Her lack of respect and breaking the rules is a call for attention and a sign that she is not at peace with herself. Something is going on that is gnawing at her from inside.

What does she like? What is she passionate about? When is she a great teenager? I would look for the spark in her, the things that makes her tick and I would try to engage her in those topics and understand her world better. If you try to get to understand her better from her own perspective, you'll slowly start uncovering why she acts the way she does.


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