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I'm 18 and I have a 2 year old daughter named Hailey. Her father, Nick, is about to turn 20. I'm confused out of my mind right now and I need advice. I live with my mom but she is threatening to kick me out unless I shape up. Nick has problems with drugs and smoking and he gets really mad easily and yells at me and kinda pushes me around a little. He's not abusive though. He really is never around for Hailey and she hardly knows she has a father. Me and Nick are still together but I don't know what to do. I dropped out of school when I had her so I'm not in high school. If anyone has any advice please tell me cuz I really do love Hailey and want her to have a good life. Thank you!!


Dove - posted on 07/06/2015




If he has a problem w/ drugs and he gets mad really easily and yells and pushes you around... that IS abusive.

Your mom is threatening to kick you out unless you shape up...? Did she expand on that? What is it you are doing that she doesn't approve of? Is it something that is harmful (or potentially harmful) to you or your child?

It's OK that you didn't finish high school when you had your daughter, but you SHOULD either go back to high school or look into getting your GED. Do you have a job?

Even w/ Nick's issues your daughter still has a right to a relationship w/ him, but she deserves to be safe IN that relationship... and if you have evidence of his drug use then visitations should be supervised... but not by you if he is continuing to be abusive.

It can all seem very overwhelming, so you just need to pick a place to start improving your life and just go for it. Do one thing at a time if it all seems to much to tackle.

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