Teenage rage

Sharon - posted on 09/24/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 15 year old daughter can not even hold a conversation any more with us. She is fighting everything and hit her dad. She takes no responsibility for anything she does. I'm so confused


Lee - posted on 09/24/2015




Hi Sharon, from my experience with my mom there's 2 ways to go about it.
1. She wants you to sit down and talk to her, as in really talk to her, talk to her like she's an adult and let her know that even tho you don't always see eye to eye you're both always there for her and if she needs some space that's fine just to let you know because it's not fair on any of you that she's behaving the way she is and that you feel she's become distant.
2. Don't try to have a conversation with her, wait 'til she speaks to you... I kno it sounds stupid but that's what I wanted from my mom when I was wound up. If this has been happening for a while start cutting your speech with her down maybe by just saying one word such as 'dinner' instead of 'your dinner's ready' etc;

It could be that your daughter's going through s rebellious stage, it could be that something's upset her or stressed her out and she isn't dealing with well or she may just feel that she doesn't get enough attention whether it be at school, home or friends and she's realised the quickest way to get attention is to misbehave.

You also say your daughter doesn't take responsibility for anythin', do you mean that she, for example' would want a hamster and then not feed it and clean it out or that when she does something wrong she won't accept that she's in the wrong??

I hope this helps and isn't a bunch of rambling :)

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