Teenage son has no friends

Anna - posted on 02/19/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 15 year old son who has had problems his whole life making friends. He is on the mild spectrum of asbergers although besides a slight speech issue, no one even realizes he's "different" than other kids. He was looking forward to starting high school this year because to him it was a fresh start away from middle school and hoped he would be able to make at least one friend but still hasn't been able to. He tried the boyscouts but he felt like an outsider so that only lasted about 6 months. Now that his older brother has moved 4 hours away, he seems even more depressed and mostly stays in his room. It's sad to see his teenage years pass him by with no friends or girlfriends. I'm not sure where or who to turn to. Any suggestions?


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Sarah - posted on 02/19/2016




He is 15, HS has not passed him without friend or GF. My eldest; completely neurotypical, had one best friend, zero girlfriends and few social outings through high school. He was an honor student, Eagle Scout and varsity athlete. He was well liked by his peers, just not a social guy; and that was fine. Now off at West Point he has a GF and still the same best friend from HS. Help him get involved something he enjoys; sports, theater, auto shop? When he is around like minded peers, he will make a few friends and a few is all you really need.
You mention he did scouts for 6 months and then quit. That is not even a whole scouting annual season. If he joins a group or activity, he should stick it out to the end of the season. Give him time to get to know the kids, you never know it may happen on the last day.

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