Teenage son obsessing on his girlfriend

Janet - posted on 09/22/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son has his first girlfriend at 17. What happened to the idea of a sweet, innocent time when a boy likes a girl? Where holding hands is thrilling? anyway, this relationship started out fast and furious. He is the top of his class at school and is a leader in many areas of school and church. But his girlfriend, who went away to college this year(Thank God!) still takes up a lot of his time. They spend 6 hours a day messaging and skyping a day. I snooped on their messages and it is sexual in nature. I feel like pulling the plug on everything! I am very concerned about him to say the least. He's gone from being active, adventuring, fun, funny, lots of friends, interesting to boring and keeping in his room laying on the bed messaging every spare second of the day. Any suggestions?


Chet - posted on 09/23/2014




I agree with Little Miss. With her away at school this relationship is very likely to fizzle.

I also wouldn't take an especially hard line on the situation because your son is 17, and a first relationship is a significant part of growing up, maturing and learning about yourself. Forcing your son to have balance in his life isn't nearly as valuable as your son realising he needs balance in his life.

It's also really easy to blame a girlfriend, or a friend you dislike, or a video game, or one single thing for changes in your child, but it's rarely that simple. There is usually a lot more going on, that causes your child to want to spend their time that way.

I think it's fine to encourage your son to get a job, or do other things, I just wouldn't push too hard.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 09/22/2014




Give it some time. It will end. She is at college, she will not want to be with a high school boy any longer. But be there for him, he will be crushed.

I would definitely be giving him a limit on his phone and computer time. There is no need for that much time. Also, push him to get a job if he is not going to be as active in school.


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