Teenage son treats me like crap

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I have a 15 year old son. We have always had such a great relationship up until the last few month. He talks to me like I am a nothing. He tany kind of advice or help with his toxic...very toxic girlfriend. She is a terrible young girl, but I do not say much as I find it just pushes him further away. He has started lying to me so he can just do what he wants and looks me straight in the eye and swears he hasn't done anything wrong when I know he has. His father and I have been divorced for 9 years and are on decent terms until recently. He has a very relaxed approach to raising my son. He feels if he doesn't do his homework and fails at school that it is his problem. He says he doesn't mind if our son comes home from parties stoned or drunk...he has to live with the repurcussions. When he visits his dad his dad lets him stay out til after 1 oclock and even has let his girlfriend stay over in the same bed. I DO NOT agree with any of this, so anytime I try to make rules or enforce them at my house I am met with so much conflict. my ex will not make a united front with me. My heart is so broken. I don't know where my son has gone. I cry every single day. I really need advice.


Raye - posted on 11/10/2015




I don't know why you deleted your account without getting an answer, but I'll leave one anyway.

If you have proof of what your ex is letting your son get away with, you should present it to the court to get his visitation revoked. If you don't think you have enough proof, call child protective services for your area and have them investigate.

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