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Catherine - posted on 08/12/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a brother who is a teenager and he has been hurt once he is very defiant of late and has shut me off since the incident I have tried installing 360 app on his phone but he keeps deleting it and never answers my questions of his whereabouts j need yo know if there is anny app where I can know Hus location at all times without his knowledge my mother is I'll I have to manage both my brother and job and it is getting difficult please help


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Why is your mother not raising your brother? Are you his legal guardian? If your mother is not fulfilling her responsibilities, and your brother is being hurt as a result, you need to do the tough thing, and call CPS so that your mother and brother can get the assistance that they need.

Your brother is a typical younger brother. They don't listen to, nor do they obey their older sisters, no matter how much you want them to. You don't have the authority to punish, restrict, or otherwise, and you're in way over your head.

Your mother needs to take care of your responsibilities, rather than expecting you to do this.


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Jodi - posted on 08/12/2015




I think you need to make sure you have supports in place rather than focusing on his continual defiance. What is happening here seems to be a symptom, not the problem in itself. Is the school aware of the situation at home? Can they provide your brother and your family with the support he needs, or at least some contact to assist you? Is he seeing a counsellor? Just be careful focusing too much on tracking him and not enough on his wellbeing.

I will say, however, I'm not sure what you meant by him being hurt once. That might be significant.

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