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Hi I have a seventeen year old son he has his liscence he is never home is this normal


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That is very normal. I had to set boundaries for my teens. Setting boundaries is just another way of showing them love. They'll act like their lives are over but at some point they will likely tell you they were so glad that you did. My kids did. My daughter told me that she had many friends who's parents didn't seem to care at all about what their teens did. Some of those kids ended up in really bad situations. She said she was thankful for the rules I set up. Did she give me flack at the time? She quite often did. It was hard to stand my ground sometimes. I also encouraged my kids a lot and helped them meet their goals. I showed them I believed in them and they should expect the best from themselves, because they are the best. I encouraged them in every way I could think of. I still do. Here's a link to a site I found helpful http://www.crosswalk.com/family/parentin...

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What do you mean when you say “he is never home?” Does he mostly stay over at his friends’ place or is he never home in time? I guess this has to do more with … are you okay with him coming home late or staying over at a friend’s home? Have you set any boundaries or rules?

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Well, it depends on the situation. If you don't have a curfew or house rules dictating when he should be home, and when it is acceptable to hang out with friends, yeah it would be normal for a kid to spend as much time out as possible.

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Where is he going? What is he doing? What rules did you set up about being gone when he got his license?

It is certainly normal for a teenager to have a busy, active social life and not spend much time at home, but if he is just out and about and you do not have any idea where he is and/or he is not respecting his curfew... no, that is not normal and is not OK. He still needs to follow the household rules (set up by you, but w/ respect to and input from him... as long as it's reasonable).

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