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Hi Moms,
I am having trouble with my teen daughter (13-Sept. will be 14) and her best friend. When this friend 1st started hanging out with my daughter I kept telling my daughter that this friend likes you more than a friend. After months of them hanging out it has finally been admitted that she does in fact like my daughter. I tried to restrict their contact without making them stop being friends all together. I am now finding that they are texting, calling constantly. My daughter has started lying to me and my husband over the contact they are having. What am I to do. Huge problem is this girl only lives a block away and my hubby and I both work during the day and she is home alone. She can sneak over and we wouldn't know it.

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No, 13 is entirely too young to be thinking of this situation! If this is how the cirlce of moms reacts to a question I'll be deleting this site. I don't need to grow up, I'm looking out for my young child!!

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So you're upset because your daughter is either bisexual or gay? Grow up.

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