Teenager with major anxiety and possible depression?

Sarah - posted on 12/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter has just turn 17 and just recently she's been coming home with complains about these two girls in her classes basically bullying her. This morning she came into my bedroom and bursts out crying complaining she has stomach cramps, headache etc but then she cries some more and tells me she hates going to college and doesn't want to do it no more, she hasn't stopped crying for about 2 hours despite me trying to calm her down. She's also struggling to eat, this morning so could only eat 3/4's of a cereal bar, this is quite concerning as she is always eating usually and is usually a very good non fussy eater. The doctors we have tried for the crying etc have just seem to bump it off saying it's all part of growing up but I don't quite think it is and I'm beginning to become quite concerned about it all, I'm hoping somebody has been through similar or the same to what I have and can give me some shape of mind as to what's going on and answers to my unanswered questions

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