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How do u deal with a teenager of 15 that's always answering back and very disrespectful? I've tried everything and it's making me sick.


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Barb - posted on 11/13/2011




You take a lot of deep breaths and count to 10, maybe even 20. You remind yourself someday they will have teenagers and then you will get to laugh about this day of "remember when?"

I have to admit, my kids have been pretty good. They are all grown and on their own now. My youngest being a US Marine.

My first thing was to point out to them that, i wasn't sure if it was their intention or not, but the attitude, demeanor and tone was very disrespectful and that is not going to do you any favors, perhaps you want to practice in the mirror how to be respectful and then we can have this talk again." Usually that was all it took, but if more was needed I would let them know i heard them and i understand what they are wanting, but my answer is no because you are being disrespectful and that is not tolerated in this house. Go for a nice walk until you can be respectful.

If it still continued (and only once did this happen) I said no, he went on the walk, came back, yelled at me and i started taking priviledges away. I do not give my car to people who are disrespectful to me. I do not provide internet to people who are disrespectful to me. I do not provide electricity to people who are disrespectful to me.

I think that was as far as it got before the attitude changed. He did go for another walk, came home, went right upstairs to bed and in the morning apologized. He got back his car, internet and electricity.

Best of luck to you.. just remember their brains are still forming.

Carey - posted on 11/13/2011




I believe silence is the best way with my 16yr old. I say what I have to say and then leave it at that. Standing my ground also helps and not giving except essentials if disrespected. Remembering that I am her mother and I do not have to explain myself helps to

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