Teenagers and discipline

Suzanne - posted on 05/13/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, my teenage son of 14 is mixing with the wrong crowd, but thinks they are funny and accept him. He has got into trouble with them many times and the school has said they are a bad influence. So, I am the baddie for suggesting he needs to branch out and make other friends. We have just found out he is dyslexic so need to support him with this so have imposed rules that he can't go out mid week as he is also doing GCSEs. Plus no party tonight as there is likely to be alchohol. Am I being fair imposing these rules? Any tips on stroppy 14 year old boys who think friends are more important than anything would be welcomed!!


Sarah - posted on 05/13/2016




If I thought there was even a remote chance of alcohol at a party that is for 14yo kids, I'd be calling every parent and the police. Kids die from drinking, no to mention it is illegal. You are absolutely being fair. My son is 14 and while his friends are important he is more into the activities they share; he'd rather play soccer or skateboard with a buddy than sit around with a bigger group of kids doing nothing. He is graduating 8th grade and since he school is a pre-k thru 8th grade lots of the kids have parties. I would never permit him to attend if I thought there was drugs or alcohol at any of the parties. His life and safety are way to important to me than his social status.

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