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My 15 year old wants to move in with his dad. His dad and I divorced when he was 3. He has visited him every other weekend and holidays/summer. His reasons for wanting to move is he is unhappy at his current school (large school) and feels he would fit in better at a smaller school. He also has some friends that live close to his dads. I am just having a hard time with this because I don't want my child to leave but at same time I want him happy.


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My brother was in that situation at the age of 15, and mom found out that it was to his benefit to let him choose.

Ditto everything else that Jodi posted. Some kids don't like larger schools, but thrive in a smaller setting, and it's all about what's best for the boy, after all. Its hard to let them go, I know, my mother was a basket case about the situation, but my husband and I pointed out to her that it would most likely benefit both of them in the end.

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He is 15, and it really is his choice at this stage. I can understand why you don't want him to, but can he spend some weekends and school holidays with you? It think it is important for you to respect his wishes if you believe this would be a move that would make him happy. And he will respect you more for that too. Let him know you love him and will miss him enormously, but that you support his choice if he feels he can do better at a smaller school and being near his friends. Let him know you want him to be happy and that you would like to make some arrangements to spend some quality time with him.

Some kids don't do so well in larger schools, so it really is worth considering.


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