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Fara - posted on 12/03/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




i need HELP!!!! my 19 yrs old son has very visible acne for more than 1yr now. We've been going to 3 or 4 different dermatologists, and we don't see that much improvement. The last one we see now suggests Acutane. After reading about all the side effects, it scares me a lot and i'm not sure i want my son to go through those horrible things. I am still doing my research on google, they all seem very alarming. I want to know if anyone can give me advice. I want to try natural treatment,but not sure . It breaks my heart to see my son suffering form acne. He is very self conscious about it, it lowers his self esteem, etc!!! He is a wonderful boy and i would love to see him smile when he looks at his face in the mirror!!!
Anyone can help us?
thank you in advance


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Sarah - posted on 12/03/2013




Here are some suggestions I got when I was going through the same thing your son is. I also took medication, but don't remember what it was. It did help some, but never cleared up completely. Until I became older.....so some of it might just be due to age and hormones. I stopped taking medication when I was in my early 20's and have never needed it since.

Here are some tips......stay away from the unhealthy foods (chocolate, chips, fast food, greasy foods, etc.)......I know MUCH easier said then done especially for a 19 yr old male......but that does make a HUGE difference.

Keep your hands away from your face and hair away from face. The oils from your hands and your hair can make your face breakout.

Make sure you are washing your face/body after workouts or frequently if it is hot outside.

This one you can't do much about but just take note.......when the seasons change you are more inclined to have more breakouts......so spring and fall. The temperature and the air changes, so while these changes are going on your skin is trying to change to these changes as well. So you tend to have more oily skin during this time. I also notice that my hair tends to be more oily during this time as well.

Kendra - posted on 12/03/2013




One of my recent co-workers suffers from acne also. She goes to a dermatologist and is on 3 pills, certain face washes, lotions, and wipes. And honestly I don't think its helping. The best thing I have found is exfoliating and using neutrogena's original acne wash, its orange. If he has oily skin there is facial oil made by palmers. i know it sounds funny to put oil on an oily face, but its healthy oil, not pore clogging. It will reduce the oils produced on the face, which is less dirt that gets trapped. The exfoliaters can be found at walmart by the lotions. they are white teardrop shaped. exfoliate every time i shower to keep the dead skin off of my face. DO NOT put any kind of lotion on his face, EVER. no matter what the label says! I hope this helps!!!

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