Teething problem??

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My 7 months old baby girl hasnt been sleeping well for past 2 weeks now. She is teething and as I'm breastfeeding I can feel that her teeth are coming out.before she was fine there is no problem. But I feel that she is in pain because even though she is tired she can't sleep. I have tried everything to calm her down but she is just crying all the times. At night it's the worse she wants to sleep but she won't. She will just cry and cry until she sleeps and this is breaking my heart. I have googled and I tried all the stuff they said but it's not working. I have become like a zombie I can neither sleep as she goes to bed 4 , 5 am. Please help.


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Tamara - posted on 11/26/2011




The only thing that helped mine when they were teething was the Hylands teething tablets, they calmed the gums for hours, after they had them they were back to their happy self and were able to sleep again, I would give them before putting to bed then give them again when they woke up for their middle of the night feeding.

Amy - posted on 11/26/2011




I always used the baby Tylenol about an hour before I put my daughter down at night, and then then would nurse her till she was asleep. The Tylenol only worked for about 4-5 hours so I went right to bed. After the 4 hour stretch she would be up every hour. Good luck hopefully it passes quickly, the good news is my daughter always went back to her normal sleeping habits once her teeth came in.

Katherine - posted on 11/26/2011




Have you tried giving her Tylenol? They have it in infants form. That always worked with my kids.

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