telling mu 3 adult children about the infidelity of their dad for about 40 years

Mugsy F. - posted on 03/27/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband left me pregnant with my 2 little kids .He had been with a woman with 2 kids for about 12 years . he went and helped the woman divorced her husband . they woman was not divorce yet . he went & they lived together while processing the divorced . he was giving me $150. ever months for food and utility of the house. i had a boy he was not there during the birth of my son . one day i asked him to came back . he did he want me not to be talking about his double life. i was still some times bring out about it. he was still seeing his lover covertly i keep asking him if he does and he always lied, no !! .
i know he was still seeing her so I took a job out of state. the kids stayed with him and i do come home once a months. and they came and visit me if the kids had long vacation.
then I relocate back home.i never had any clue he had another woman. for 25 years . now i found out and we always have fight about his double life. now he does want me to tell my adult kids that most of life with him are all fake, he had been pretending. he still want to have his family but he can can not give up his other life. it is wise for me to keep pretending to my adult children about t double life of their father ?? please help??.


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