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Aya - posted on 07/11/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 19 month year old son is having horrible temper tantrums throwing his self back, banging his head, kicking and throwing things constantly. It happens when he is upset about not getting something his way !!! I don't know what to do!! Can anybody give me any solutions thank you


Ev - posted on 07/12/2014




First, understand that a child of this age is not talking fully like an older child or adult and does not have the vocabulary to express his wants, needs, emotions, and other things. So when he does not get his way, he will toss a fit. Second, you need to stay consistent when you tell him no and not give in to his fits. Third, you need to actively ignore his fits. That does not mean you just totally ignore him but you still keep an eye on him like you usually do but do not let him notice you are watching (easier said than done). Fourth, always tell him what is expected of him. Do not wait until you say go to the store and get to the toy area and then tell him no. Tell him before he goes in the store why you are there and that you are only there for that reason. Also do that for other places you go. If he has a fit leave. By actively ignoring the fits and leaving in the case of a fit he will learn that you mean business.


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Dove - posted on 07/12/2014




Stay calm, be patient, be consistent... Try distracting him w/ something he CAN have... or silly faces or cuddles... or something. Ignore the freaking out and carry on as if nothing is wrong. Give words to his emotions ('I know you are mad because... but you can.... instead).

It's a rough age for kids... and their parents... but just keep telling yourself that he is normal and this won't last forever. ;)

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