Temporary Non-Hormonal Birth Control?

Jessica - posted on 05/19/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi all, I'm wondering what the best non-hormonal birth control to use if we're only using it a couple months, and want to be completely fertile on a dime. Nix the condoms, hubby gets irritated (skin-wise).

Back story is that I just got my IUD out after many many complications from it including chronic headaches, migraines, mood swings and just about every symptom that comes with menopause, no joke. I've had reactions to the patch and other hormonal types as well, thus why doc says NO hormones. :o/ Our plan is to start trying for our second come this July or August, so the doctor said not to use any hormonal birth control methods. She mentioned pulling out, but we aren't too trusting of that method. I plan to start tracking my cycles, but don't necessarily want to be abstinent. Looking up the sponge it says it's half as effective with women who have had children which is a bit alarming, diaphragms may have the same effect as condoms and you need to be fitted for them right? I've thought of gel spermicide as that's what my Mom used, but want to hear thoughts opinions for that and maybe other ways?


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We use Natural Family Planning. I realize you don't want to do a time of abstinence, but for most women that is only 4-7 days a month.

Spermicides can irritate your skin, so if you decide to do that I would test it on a small area (on both yourself and on your husband) before you plan on having sex first. That way if either one of you was a reaction you don't have to worry about it ruining a night of fun.

If your husband is allergic to latex, you can try mole skin condoms, although, they don't fit tightly as latex ones. But it is a good option.


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Liz - posted on 05/21/2012




You could try spermicide, but I found that it was irritating. Not initially, but afterwards. It kind of burns. I have a diaphragm now and I still have to put spermicide in it, but it doesn't get all smeared around and doesn't irritate me at all. The diaphragm with spermicide is more effective than either one by itself. Yes, you have to get fitted for a diaphragm, and it can be quite a pain to put it in but we have found that it is the least noticeable form of birth control we have used since you can't feel it.

Jessica - posted on 05/21/2012




Yeah I've looked at Natural family planning, and seen that it takes several months just to chart your schedule enough to even START trusting it and it's not foolproof since people can ovulate earlier or later in the month and so on. Just coming off the IUD I'm pretty clueless to my schedule as I had no periods and premenstrual (PMS, bloating, cramping, etc.) happened off an on all month every month! That and 4-7 days is really pushing it, we're uh... Fairly active in the bedroom ;op Though I plan on tracking my cycles as much as possible and being extra cautious around ovulation times, we just wanted back up, fail-safe, what have you.

Good advice on the spermicides and we will definitely do that! Indeed, that would not be fun. I'll look at the mole skin condoms, though hubby is rolling his eyes at having to use condoms again, lol XoP I think a small part of him was somewhat happy when we found out it was condoms that irritated him, gave him an excuse to seek other methods and go "bareback" as it's called.

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