Terrible 2's!!!!!

Jessica - posted on 02/03/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son Caeleb is 36 months old and my Daughter Caylee is 18 months old. yep 1 yr apart! Were expecting our 3rd child in May. My problem is that my Fiance is in Iraq and it seems like since hes been gone the kids are absolutly out of control!! Caeleb does not listen to me at all about anything, he hits his sister and ive tried everything from spankings to time outs! nothing is working. Caylee is just very emotional and shes starting to pick up on Caelebs bad habbits. i dont understand why they Dont listen to me and there different kids when daddys around. all he has to do is tell them to "stop" or "dont do that". And NOTHING works for Mommy. Any ideas?!


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Julie - posted on 02/03/2011




I went through a phase similar with my oldest son, where he would be much better for daddy than he was for me. I pretty much had to hold him down during timeouts, but when I was pregnant, I got to the point where I'd just have to ignore him.
In your case, because he's being a bit violent with his sister, you might want to put him in his room in a crib with a crib tent on it for time outs, so you know he is both safe and won't get out.
The good news is that as they get closer to three, they start to understand more and my son will now go to a timeout whenever I tell him to.
Hang in there!

Amanda - posted on 02/03/2011




My 2 are similar age to yours (34 months and 16 months) and have days where all they do is fight and play up. My hubby is shift worker so not home very often. I have found that trying to stay calm is half the battle.
I use time out for bad behaviour, hitting, fighting, being spiteful or rude and if they don't listen when I ask them to stop I count to three. For example I will tell them to stop tipping their water on the floor if they dont stop I start counting, one....Two, then tell them again with a consequence, stop tipping you or I will take it away....2 and a half repeat stop or this will happen and I start to walk towards them, if they continue and I get to Three I take the water away and they don't get it back.
I normally only get to two sometimes 2 and a half but they know if I get to 3 mummys not happy and there will be a consequence to their actions. same if we are at the park, stop running off or we will go home, stop throwing toys or they get taken away, stop climbing on the tv cabinet or the dvd goes off.

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