terrible twos HELP !

Sarah - posted on 06/14/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My two year old is too smart for her age, and punishing her is pretty much out of the question.
IF she was in trouble this is how it goes (taking last night as an example)
I told her to come see me so i could change her pull up, she said no over and over.
i asked her again, she hit my grandfather.
i counted to three, and she replied to that by counting to 4 at me.
im about to give up when it comes time to making her listen, but i dont want to give up.
any ideas ladies.
ive tried the corner, ive tried sending her to her room / gate up/ no tv .
:'( Help !


Stifler's - posted on 06/15/2011




I agree with the others, one warning. Don't ask 5 times just do a time out the first time she refuses to get her pull up changed or hits someone.

Tara - posted on 06/14/2011




I don't give either of my girls that many warnings. They get asked once, then I go get them. I started time outs at around 14-15 months (my girls are 3 and 20 months, respectively) and they now know that if Mama gives them the 10-second warning they have to do what they are told before the 10 seconds are up or I will do whatever it was I said I would do (take their plate away, change their diaper, put them in bed, etc).
I found what worked for us was being consistent - same speech, same routine EVERY time, regardless of what I want them to do. Something else that helps a lot is that my husband does exactly the same thing (we talked about it before having kids and decided that showing a united front would save a heck of a lot of grief), so, both girls know that, whether it is me or their father, or both of us, if they get the 10 second countdown they need to do what they are told or there are consequences to their actions.


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Alecia - posted on 06/14/2011




dont give her so many warnings. my daughter is 20 mnths. if its a butt change that she needs i tell her once to come to me and if she doesnt i scoop her up and change her diaper. sometimes it looks slightly more like a wrestling match then a butt change, but it still has to be done and atm she is refusing to pee on the potty (she will sit but wait til she gets off to go). when it comes to other things give her 1 warning, then if (when) she continues then give her a time out in a chair away from everyone. make it 2 minutes (1 minute for every yr of life). and just stick to it. i started time outs around 14 mnths and now my daughter will usually stop an undesirable behavior after the warning. if she hits she doesnt get a warning and goes right to her "bad" chair (thats what she calls it). consistency is key. ur daughter will learn after awhile that u mean what u say so she might as well listen the first time.

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