Terrible twos- will I ever get my sweetheart back??

Christina - posted on 07/08/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My two year old is going through the terrible twos big time. She turned 2 in March so she is right on schedule.... Anyway when she was younger she would play by herself for hours. Less than 3 months ago she would just wander upstairs to her playroom while my husband and I were downstairs and tell us she wanted to play by herself. Now it is like the exact opposite. She won't play by herself anywhere- especially in her playroom. She now wakes up way earlier than she ever had before and I have to get ready for work and there she is I between my legs. She won't go in her playroom for a minute by herself. My husband and I are contiplating on putting a tv in there thinking that she needs the noise instead of silence but I'm not keen on just putting her in front of the tv all the time. I limit her tv usage. It's the same thing now with bed time....my once wonderful sweetheart would just go to bed...would ASK to go to bed with zero problems and would lay in there without a sound until she fell asleep now turned into a terror- crying, living saying she has to pee and poop, crying saying she needs another hug and kiss. And another thing...it's like she can't just ask for something she has to cry and whine over everything. I feel like I'm dealing with a totally different child. Has anyone gone through this before or is it just me going insane???

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