Terrified... TERRIFIED - of letting ANYONE watch my kids... .. . How will I EVER let them go to school?

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There has been various types of abuse in my family in the past. I've never met my father or his side of the family. My mother's side is almost gone - save for an uncle. My 39 year old sister and her 27 year old boyfriend babysat my first son ONCE. I texted her, no reply. I called her. No answer. I immediately returned home. I was gone for 1 hour. When I arrived, my son was completely re-dressed head to toe. When I asked what happened, she said he was wet with pee. I had changed him before we left. I checked his clothes. They were only slightly damp, around the neck line from drooling. (He was teething) I never asked her to babysit ever again. I let my best friend since kindergarten babysit both boys once for a couple of hours, I trust her completely. She even used the time to teach her teenage daughter how to babysit! I know to get a nannycam and explain it is there if I have anyone watch them again, but what about when they start school? I would home school, but I don't want them to miss out on friendships and life experience but seriously, every day on the news is something new and terrible, even unthinkable. I cry for infant and toddler victims when I hear the news. How will I ever let them go to school?


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I think you need to talk o a professional, you have fears, and they're within reason, but it sound like your fears are holding your kids back, and I think the only way to really get help is from a professional rather then a website, someone who can sit down with you and help you through your fear before they become too much.


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I agree with Gale and was going to recommend the same thing. Sounds like your kids are still pretty young. In the meantime start looking into homeschooling them. Do a lot of research to figure out if it is right for you. Many home school groups get together for learning adventures and for fun socializing. Just do research in your area. Good luck, and get some help.

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