Terrified that we're having another boy.

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Hello ladies,
I will start by saying that we are thrilled to be pregnant after 3 years of casually "trying to conceive". I am 22 weeks pregnant, and decided to find out the gender. We were taking a risk when attempting to get pregnant, as we've recently discovered that our first born son has Autism.
At the appointment the ultrasound technician announced that it was another little boy. We were taken a little off guard as we already associated the baby as female. We were secretly hoping for a girl, as the Autism rate isn't as defined with females. If it weren't for the Autism I think we would have been thrilled to hear the baby is a boy, but because it is already prevalent in our family we are shaken.
I feel like we are fighting against all odds. Even if this baby is autistic we'd love it.
I just hate Autism. The idea of having another Autistic child makes me sad. I am already having issues and we think I may have gestational diabetes (which is linked to Autism). I feel like we are fighting fate, and as much as I really love, and want my baby, I feel a dark looming cloud of inevitability lurking over any enjoyment about this pregnancy.

Has anyone had a first born boy with Autism and go on to have another without? I just need some reassurance that everything will work out in its own way.


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Just becuase your first has Autism it does not mean your second son will have it. Positive thinking is required here. Do not stereotype the poor thing before he is born. Raise him as you would any other baby, and give him the opportunity to prove to you that he is fine. If you are constantly looking for potential problems you will find them. Try and relax and dont compare him all the time to his brother. Every child is different. Give him a chance.


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Bethany - posted on 05/03/2012




I have autism through my family tree too and suspect my oldest son of having it. I am one of 4 children, my brother (first born) has it and so does my youngest sister (4th born). The chance of another child being autistic is 65% girl or boy. O feel like autism isnt defined by a specific gender. Hope that helps at all.

Catalina - posted on 05/03/2012




I believe strongly in the power of our mind and bodies! I think that everyday for the rest of your pregnancy you should wake up and tell yourself that you have a healthy baby boy!!

You have one son with autism and I'm sure you are an amazing mother to him, god only gives us what we can handle.

I'm sure you've read tons about autism, I recently read an article talking about how autism can be almost anhilated with diet! It was really interesting, I'll see if I can find it and I'll post it on here for you! :-)

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